Direct clients

This is for clients that access the Term Deposit Shop cash management platform directly, there is no third party involved.


You register to access the platform. The platform enables you to access rates from a broad range of banks all in one place. To use the platform you enter into a once-off agreement that enables us to manage the investment process on your behalf.

This is done via an intuitive ‘onboarding’ process that enables you to easily and securely submit required information, automatically generate and receive pre-populated ‘onboarding’ documents, and upload files, images and signed documents. The information you provide is also used to create your own secure portal on the platform.

Having completed the onboarding process, you’re able to transact online anywhere, anytime at the click of a button via any device with no further paperwork. You can open multiple deposits with different banks and for different terms to optimise return and liquidity.

We handle all the administration to facilitate transactions, allowing you to take a far more proactive approach to managing cash.

You will also have online access to dynamic reporting via your own secure portal that will provide real-time portfolio and transaction listings, bank confirmations, interest earned, document management and more.

We recommend completing the onboarding process prior to the funds being available to be placed on deposit. This avoids delays as a result of incomplete paperwork.

By completing the onboarding process you are NOT obligated to transact. You’re the one making decisions. We are only providing you with information about rates being offered and facilitating transactions. We do not give advice.



All deposits are in the name of the client.

All funds transfers are bank to bank in the name of the client.

All deposits are covered by the Government Guarantee.

The Term Deposit Shop holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (No. 344 582) regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and is required to hold Professional Indemnity Insurance to cover both civil and fraudulent actions.

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