What is a Notice Account?

Notice accounts are similar to at-call accounts in that they do not have a maturity date and the rate they pay is variable, meaning it can change at any time.

The difference between a notice account and an at-call account being that with a notice account you must give notice to withdraw and wait the applicable notice period before you are able to access your funds.

The notice period will generally be either 31, 60 or 90 days.

If you have a 31 day notice account and you give notice today that you want to withdraw some or all of your funds you will have to wait 31 days before you have access to those funds.

If the rate decreases and you want to move your deposit elsewhere, you must give notice and wait the required notice period before you are able to do so. We will notify you if you have a notice account and the rate changes. You cannot access your funds prior to the end of the notice period, except in extreme cases, such as severe financial hardship.

You can also add funds to a notice account. Rates may also be tiered based on the deposit amount and may differ depending on the type of client.

How to make the most of Notice Accounts

Notice account rates are often higher than term deposit rates for the equivalent term. For example, a 90 day notice account may offer a better rate than a 90 day term deposit.

Effectively you get the liquidity of a 90 day term deposit, because you are able to access your funds in 90 days, but potentially a better return.

To take advantage of this, you can give notice to withdraw the same day as you open the notice account, meaning you are able to access your funds in 90 days. The same as if you had opened a 90 day term deposit, but at a better rate.

Be aware though that the rate is a variable rate and can change at any time. We will notify you if you have a notice account and the rate changes. If you don’t need your funds at the end of the notice period you can repeat the process.

When you enter your rates search criteria to input a transaction you will see a number of notice accounts in addition to term deposits, so that you can make a comparison. If you want to open a notice account in preference to a term deposit simply click on the rate.

That’s it. You’re done!


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