Client Resources

Initial TTDS application documents can be filled out online and printed off in readiness to be signed by the client.

TTDS recommends signing up a client prior to the funds being available to be placed on deposit. This avoids delays as a result of incomplete paperwork.

There are 2 types of Client Agreement as described below:

Option 1

  • A Clearing Account is opened in the name of the client that is managed by TTDS.
  • The initial deposit can be made either to the client’s Clearing Account or direct to the ADI they have selected.
  • Principal and interest payments (after the initial deposit) are made to the clients Clearing Account. At maturity TTDS will either transfer funds between ADI’s or back to the client’s nominated external account on the client’s behalf via their Clearing Account.
  • The client’s Clearing Account is used for the transfer of funds between ADI’s.
  • As a result the adviser/client does NOT have to be involved in the transfer of funds each time the client’s deposit matures.
  • Clients can also elect to use the Clearing Account as their nominated external account.

Option 2

  • Funds are transferred directly between the client’s nominated external account and the ADI they have selected.
  • This option does NOT require that a new Clearing Account be opened in the name of the client.
  • At maturity the adviser/client may have some involvement in the transfer of funds.

Irrespective of the option chosen All transfers are bank to bank in the name of the client.

Adviser Authority

Appointment of financial adviser form.

Supporting Documentation

Supporting documents are not required to be lodged with the initial TTDS application documents, however they will be required prior to funds being deposited.

Supporting Documentation

Guide to required supporting documentation.

Identification for Individuals

Summary of documents available for identifying individuals


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